• Risk Profile Questionnaire

    Risk Profile Questionnaire

Risk Profile Questionnaire

The below questionnaire helps assessing your risk profile. This should take approximately 5 minutes to complete. All questions are mandatory and need to be completed prior to submission. To enhance the accuracy of risk profiling, we recommend answering these based on your personal thought process and circumstances and not what seems to be the right answer. All information supplied shall remain confidential.

1. How long do you intend to invest your savings? *

2. Will you need to access these funds during the term of the investment? *

3. Inflation erodes the value of your savings. Growth investing can counter the eroding effect of inflation but will also expose you to the risk of short-term losses. *

4. Which of the following risk/return scenarios would you be most comfortable with? *

5. What would you do if your investment dropped in value from an initial INR 100,000 to INR 85,000? *

6. What is the most aggressive investment you've ever made? *

7. If you were investing in an equities portfolio, which of the following would suit you best? *

8. Assuming you are investing in only one bond, which bond do you choose? *

9. You expect inflation to return and it has been suggested that you invest in gold, which have historically outpaced inflation. Your only financial assets are fixed deposits. What do you do? *

10. You have just reached the INR 10,000 prize on a TV game show. Now you must choose between quitting with the INR 10,000 in hand or betting the entire INR 10,000 in one of three alternative scenarios. Which do you choose? *

Apricus Wealth Investment Managers LLP
Type of Registration: Non-Individual
Registration number: INA000017657 (Validity: Perpetual)

Complete address with telephone no:
Apricus Wealth Investment Managers LLP
F3/16 Model Town-2
Delhi 110009
+91-98103 02008

Contact details of the Principal Officer:
Name: Vikrant Gupta
Contact number - +91-98103 02008
Email id - vikrant@apricuswealth.in

Corresponding SEBI regional/local office address:
Securities and Exchange Board of India
The Regional Director
5th Floor, Bank of Baroda Building
16, Sansad Marg, New Delhi - 110001

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