• Investment Advisory Questionnaire

    Investment Advisory Questionnaire

Investment Advisory Questionnaire

Your feedback helps us to improve our business by making it more valuable and rewarding for you.

Not valuable
Somewhat valuable
Very valuable
I need to completely trust that my financial adviser will put my needs first and foremost
I need to know my financial plan is continuously monitored and updated
I need to feel a personal connection with my financial adviser
I need an expert perspective to guide all of my investment decisions
I need complete transparency whenever changes are made to my portfolio
I need to have access to a financial expert whenever I need it
I need to have professional financial help so I can spend my time on other things that matter to me
I need to feel like I have complete control over all of my financial decisions
I need regular proactive outreach to keep me updated about my finances
I need to feel like I have taken charge of my financial future
I need to know exactly how much money I’m paying my financial adviser
I need round-the-clock online access to my account
I need to feel that I am on track to meet my financial goals
I need the assurance of guaranteed income in retirement and I am willing to exchange a portion of my portfolio in return for it
I need a financial plan that offers me financial freedom
I need to know that my survivors will have help navigating financial decisions after I am gone
I need to feel completely reassured that things will be okay, including during financial market downturns
I need to protect myself against unexpected events that could negatively impact my investments
I need to protect my financial well-being in the event I experience diminished decision-making capabilities in my later years
I need a customized financial plan that covers more than just my investments
Not valuable
Somewhat valuable
Very valuable
I need help balancing my spending and saving
I need to expand my knowledge of investments and personal finance
I need to maximize my investment returns, even at the risk of substantial losses in the value of my portfolio
I need a neutral third party to facilitate financial discussions between me and my spouse/partner or other family members

Apricus Wealth Investment Managers LLP
Type of Registration: Non-Individual
Registration number: INA000017657 (Validity: Perpetual)

Complete address with telephone no:
Apricus Wealth Investment Managers LLP
F3/16 Model Town-2
Delhi 110009
+91-98103 02008

Contact details of the Principal Officer:
Name: Vikrant Gupta
Contact number - +91-98103 02008
Email id - vikrant@apricuswealth.in

Corresponding SEBI regional/local office address:
Securities and Exchange Board of India
The Regional Director
5th Floor, Bank of Baroda Building
16, Sansad Marg, New Delhi - 110001

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